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About Us

Pacific Ramp Designs is owned and operated by skateboarders.

We take pride in the fact that we have been building the highest quality skateboard ramps for over 23 years. We are very passionate about the quality of the structures we build ,and the originality of each and every design we draft.

Many projects built by Pacific Ramp designs are world renowned for thier originality. Examples listed below.

1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game covers: 1, 2, 3 and 4


2. Video: "One Step Beyond" by Adio Shoes, featuring the vert to vert gap.

3. Video Cover: Tony Hawk's Trick Tips Volume #3 

4. Magazine cover: "Transworld Skateboarding" Aug 2001. 

5. Magazine cover: "Tony Hawk, A life in Skateboarding", by Transworld.

6. Book cover: Occupation Skateboarder by Tony Hawk.

7. Book cover: Between Boardslides and Burnout by Tony Hawk.

pages: 5, 36, 37, 74, 75, 80, 81, 158, 159

In countless other magazine ads, posters, commercials, movies and TV programs. 

Completely Custom Designs, nothing is predesigned or prefabricated

When we draft each new design, it's specifically tailored to the location in which is shall be constructed, we offer no pre-designed, generic designs. Each community has different desires, and local skaters may have a wish list of  particular structures they will request. Pacific Ramp Designs recognizes these needs and works closely with each individual community to insure the riders (Skaters, Scooters and BMX) receive exactly what they want.


• Encinitas YMCA Skate Park #2: 33,000 sq' Encinitas, CA. Demolition of existing park and reconstruction.

• Redsand Clothing Co: Private Bowl, Encinitas, CA. Design and construction.

• Mission Valley YMCA Skate Park #2: 50,000 sq' San Diego,CA . Design and construction.

• The Ollie House Skate Park: 32,000 sq' Temecula, CA. Design and constuction.

• Encinitas YMCA Vert Ramp #3: 80' wide 13' tall. Demolition and reconstruction funded by Tony Hawk.

• Encinitas YMCA BMX Dirt Track: Encinitas,CA. Constructed wooden roll-in ramps.

• Pat O'Brien from Access Hollywood: Built private mini ramp for his children.

• Shaun White: remodel and repair of existing private ramp. 

• San Mateo YMCA Skate Park: Millbrae,CA. Constructed wooden ramps. 

• Crosswind Church Skate Park: San Marcos, CA. Designed and constructed public skate park.

• Innerspace Skate Park: 12,000 sq' Seattle, WA. Constructed public skate park.

• Showtime indoor skate park: Las Vegas, NV. Designed and constructed public skate park.

• Boardroom skatepark: Cornelius NC. Designed and constructed indoor public skate park.

• City of Lawrenceburg Kentucky Skate Park: Designed and constructed 8000 sq ft concrete plaza skate park.

▪ United States Army: Designed and constructed 6000 sq' concrete skate park

▪ City of New York, NY. Constructed 4000 sq’ concrete skate park

▪ Ronka Underground Skate Park, Bakersfield, CA. Designed and built 10000 sq’ scooter park.

Special Events

• MTV Senseless Acts of Video: Long Beach, CA. 150' long stair rail for pro quad rider.

• MTV Senseless Acts of Video: Los Angeles, CA. built Jump and Landing ramps for Tony Hawk to Jump from building to to building top, 7 stories high

• MTV Senseless Acts of Video: Long Beach, CA. high jump skate ramp for Mike Valleley.

• MTV Senseless Acts of Video: Fullerton, CA. 100' long roll-in / launch ramp helicopter jump.

• Activision and ILM studios: SF, CA. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 commercial stunt ramp.

• Tony Hawk: Double Vert Gap Ramp. Lake Elsinore, CA.  As seen on cover of Transworld.

• Nickelodeon (All That) studios: Hollywood, CA . Constructed mini ramp for Tony Hawk.

• Activision and ILM studios: LA, CA. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 commecial stunt ramp.

• OP, King of Skate: Constructed roll-in/vert gap with flaming bar for Tony Hawk. Seen on Pay Per View TV.

• Warner Bros (What I Like About You) pilot: Hollywood, CA. 6' tall mini ramp for Tony Hawk.

• House & Garden Magazine: Contructed ramp for Tony Hawk to jump a 1965 Bentley S3.

• Warner Bros (George Lopez Show) Consultation and set up for a skateboard stunt

Private ramps

Pacific Ramp Designs is frequently hired to design and build private structures for Bike, skate and scooter riders. These ramps are normally ridden by world renown professionals. These backyard training grounds can sometimes be seen in magazines or even in videos. 

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